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Taking the most direct route when transporting your horses, we treat every horse individually according to their needs and owner requirements.


We have weekly transport to the UK

We travel to the UK at least 3 times a week. Contact us for the best rates.

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Services offered to the USA:

At George Mullins we pride ourselves on the care of the animal from collection through to hand over in the USA. Our service provides clients with the reassurance that every aspect of the journey is carefully planned and carried out to the highest of standards.

We offer services to both the East coast and West Coast of the United States for import and export of horses. There are various options available with flights from Ireland and Europe to the USA to suit the clients budget.



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We offer transit across Europe, the Middle East and to Asia.


We plan each trip meticulously and take the most direct route for your horses.


We are constantly expanding our routes so call us with your requirements. Our team are ready to assist you.

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Do we provide a door to door service?

Yes we do. Our quote includes collection and delivery to final destination.

Do you offer Private and Shared loads?

Private transport allows you to determine the exact date and time of both collection and delivery.
Shared transport offers the most competitive rates of travel where horses are grouped together and delivered on a regionalised load.

Where do we transport to?
- National daily transport
- UK 3 times weekly
- France/Europe Twice weekly
- USA weekly


Can we arrange Export, Import, Customs and European/USA health papers?

Yes we can arrange all of the above.

Is my horse insured while in transit?

All horses are handled at owner's risk and it is assumed that horses are fully insured by their owners. Transit insurance can be arranged upon request at owners expense.

What do I need to travel my horses?

Passport, headcollar and travel rug if required. If travelling outside of the UK, relevant Health Travel Documents are required.

Highest Standard of Horse Care:

The well-being of your horses is our top priority. We treat every horse entrusted to us with the highest standard of care and attention. Our dedicated team monitors your horses 24/7 through onboard cameras, ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the journey. You can have peace of mind knowing that your equine companions are in experienced hands.

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